Chicago Orthodontics

Chicago’s hometown orthodontists need a site to make you smile.

Chicago Orthodontist has a mission: to make people actually like going to the orthodontist. Their offices are warm and match the vibe of the neighborhoods, their friendly staff and they have custom treatments for children and adults. Their site had to give a visitor the same feel: comfort, competence and confidence.

Their new site had to help people find both their Wicker Park and their Lincoln Square offices. Both were distinct locations under the Chicago umbrella. We wanted to make sure that people understood the connection, but were easily routed to their nearest location.

In addition, the site had to allow people to make an appointment at the correct location, while still having universal information about processes, procedures, and prices. By providing clear navigation, brand-boosting copy, and a design that was bold and friendly, we helped Chicago Orthodontics in their expansion efforts.

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