Broadwing Legal

Broadwing Legal is a personal injury firm founded by Katherine Franke, an anti-ambulance chasing attorney who truly focused on the care and justice for others. Katherine came to us during a transition from a traditional firm to leading a more modern path to justice with Broadwing. She was building her firm from the ground up and needed a team to bring her vision to life to set Broadwing Legal apart from others.

Lucky for us, Katherine came in ready with brand guidelines and expertise to guide us through building the story and feel of the firm. Working with an already busy lawyer to launch a firm presented its challenges. Our team swiftly adjusted when scheduling conflicts arose and jumped in to assist when the client needed more guidance and assistance during time-sensitive tasks.

It was no accident that this project resulted in a website that feels trustworthy and positions Broadwing Legal as a firm that puts justice before a dollar amount.

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