Billie Jean King

There was no place on the internet that adequately showcased the amazing life and achievements of Billie Jean King.

Both a tennis star and a relentless advocate for equality, Billie Jean King and her team needed a place to highlight her victories (both on and off the court) and share all of Billie Jean’s current news and press.

Designing with Content

Orbit designed and developed the Billie Jean King website with a content first approach. With a practically endless supply of quality vintage tennis photography, the design focused on prominently  featuring this beautiful imagery.

Typography styles were crafted to work with an image first approach. Large fullwidth splashes of color are used to highlight famous Billie Jean King quotes and to break up long stretches of text on the pages.

Content can easily be added in one or two column sections using a library of saved layouts. Adding a section with a video, image, or text is as easy as selecting an item from a library and swapping in the correct content.

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