Orbit Office Space

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In the early days, Orbit was located in an 800 square foot loft space on Ravenswood Ave. It seemed big at first, but by 2006, we had outgrown it. From any point in the office, you could literally extend your arms and touch someone. At that time, there were twelve of us in that room. It was time to find a new home. (Curious about more Orbit History?)

A few blocks north, we found an abandoned factory under renovation. We picked out an empty concrete corner on the third floor and started planning. After six months of design and construction, it was finally ready. We now had 3200 square feet of space, sunlight, and color. The Orbiteers were happy.

But after a few more years of hard work and good fortune, we were again in need of more space. In early 2009, an opportunity arose. The company next door was moving out, so we got out the sledgehammer. We broke through the wall and developed the neighboring 2900 square feet.

Today, the Orbit office includes open space and conference areas for all the Orbit teams. There are many common areas for meetings, events, standing desks, and meals (we eat together a lot). Open workspaces allow for both uninterrupted focus and team collaborative.

Want to visit? Drop us a line, and we’ll schedule a time.