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Websites for banking and finance companies have their own unique design requirements.

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Use design to speak to your audience

Financial websites must speak directly to their target market. This may be people who are facing important choices with personal and business implications, or early adopters excited to try the next big thing.

No matter who your audience is, knowing them and understanding their motivations is key. We work with financial companies to match their audience’s motivations with design choices that serve their clients’ needs.

Clean up the front; Don’t touch the back

We call this the “mullet strategy.” Financial websites have some of the web’s most complex tools behind them, and banking websites specifically are good examples. Think of the planning and programming that went into your bank’s online tools: login, manage accounts, view statements, transfer funds, etc.

If you have a business with serious online tools like these, the thought of redesigning your site probably makes you queasy.

But really, you have two websites:

  1. The marketing site that speaks to potential customers
  2. The set of online tools for existing customers

It is possible to redesign one without touching the other—possible and a good idea. These two areas have different goals, strategies, hosting requirements and measurements for success.

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