Wine & Webinar: The Birds + Bees of Branding

It’s time to have The Talk about this mysterious and messy thing called branding.

Where does a brand come from?
What is a brand?
Do I have one?
Do I need one?

In this lively discussion, Emily Soccorsy, co-founder and CEO of Root + River discusses the foundational questions and explores 6 key elements of a flourishing brand and provides tips for how to begin exploring your own brand.

 Download Emily’s slides (PDF)

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About the speaker: Emily Soccorsy

About the speaker: Emily Soccorsy

Emily Soccorsy (So-KOR-SEE) believes all great brands are spiritual experiences. As co-founder of Root and River, a brand strategy team, Emily uses her magical talents for mission-driven leaders and organizations, helping them find meaningful language to finally express their brand in the way they have always want to. Root + River serves national and international clients, guiding them to become intrinsic brands that naturally stand apart from others. Once a journalist, Emily is the co-author of the book Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding, and a frequent speaker and panelist. Emily loves to challenge dogmatic thinking, and infuse art and spirit into business.