Kondo Your Content: How to Conduct a Site-Wide Content Audit

Do this content marketing thing for a while and let’s face it, things can get a bit … unwieldy. For you, outdated, disorganized content creates a marketing management nightmare. For your audience, it creates a disjointed and confusing experience.

A content audit is like spring cleaning for your website. It ensures that the content you’re presenting is current, relevant, on-brand, and meaningful. It means your content can do what it’s meant to: boost brand, drive traffic, and convert. An audit also provides you with direction when you’re considering a website relaunch, a change in messaging, a new campaign, and more.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • When it’s time do a content audit
  • How to determine what to do with old content: Keep, Kill, or Clean up
  • What gaps exist in your current marketing mix, and how to fill them
  • Where to dedicate resources for new content creation


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About the speaker: Laurel Miltner

About the speaker: Laurel Miltner

Laurel Miltner is the Director of Digital Strategy at Orbit Media, where she works with clients to drive business value from their websites through ongoing visibility, traffic and conversion optimization. Laurel is passionate about creating, testing, deploying, and iterating digital content experiences that delight and deliver results—and teaching others how to do the same. You can find Laurel on LinkedIn and Twitter.