A New Website For People Creating Hope for Tomorrow

Lakeview Pantry, one of the largest food and meal distributors on the north side of Chicago was looking for a new site to demonstrate all their offerings. They did more than provide hundreds of families the ingredients to make fresh meals every day. They provided social services and mental health counseling. They are launching a new online ordering application. They are providing hope for tomorrow.

We wanted to make a site that matched their ethos. When people come to the pantry, they are treated with the dignity they deserve, meeting a personal shopper who helps them get the material they need and want. The site is bright and bold and open and human. It is hopeful.

We also needed clear navigation paths for volunteers and donors, in order for Lakeview Pantry to keep doing their important work. The site had to make it easy to raise money and easy to get food. It has to work for all audiences. At Lakeview Pantry, every human has equal worth and equal dignity. We were proud to create a site for everyone.

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