A Different Kind of Financial Advisor. A Different Sort of Site.

Sentinus came to us with a simple request: challenge them and build a site that doesn’t look like anyone else in the field. Write copy that doesn’t sound like everyone else. Make them stand out. Challenge accepted.

Our designer created a dark-themed site with unusual watermarks in the background, giving the feel of success without being overly-monied or stale or predictable. It made Sentinus seem accessible to people without generational wealth, which was the goal.

It showed that stability and financial independence were aspirational but obtainable. That is their ethos, and that was what went into every design decision. There was nothing corporate about this.

As an independent firm, Sentinus isn’t beholden to anything. We reflected that by shucking off convention. The navigation wasn’t based on financial products, but around what the visitor came here to do: Grow, Protect, and Organize their money. It was action-oriented and user-focused. It was different.

When a client wants to stand out, we know what to do. It’s the sort of challenge of design, development, and copy strategy teams live for.

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