Center Rock

A firm that creates stability. A website that promotes solidity.

Center Rock Capital Partners prides itself on reviving manufacturing across the Midwest and throughout America. They take industries that are struggling and build them up, creating jobs and bolstering communities. They needed a website that told that story through words and images so that their multiple audiences would feel immediately reassured.

The site we designed used innovative image and video techniques to guide a user down the page. Mixing up powerful metaphorical images with personalized videos and stills, any visitor had an immediate sense of the kind of people with whom they were dealing.

Throughout the course of the project, we worked very closely with Center Rock to refine content to truly tell their story. The result of this collaborative effort was a site that announced the arrival of a powerful team, one who knew their business, and knew how to get results for people. It is a site that revolves around true partnership.

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