Active Schools

Some of the most rewarding work we do at Orbit is when we put our best practices & process to work for nonprofits.

Active Schools presented a slightly different challenge than past nonprofit projects. The challenge? Active Schools wasn’t an organization or a program – they were a collective impact initiative.

The problem they were trying to solve (the lack of physical activity among kids, and access to physical activity opportunities in schools) has multiple solutions. They saw themselves as a conduit for connecting parents, teachers, and administrators to physical activity opportunities for kids.

Since Active Schools was more of a collective impact conduit, it was really important that multiple audiences would be able to come to the site, find what they need, and get to who can help them achieve their goals.

Our copywriter and UI designer honed the message of Active Schools through the content and navigation structure for the site. We addressed all the audiences directly, while emphasizing the collective message – that Active Schools helps schools, teachers, and parents create an active school environment.

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