Society of Gynecologic Oncology

Membership organization websites have to strike a difficult balance.

Association websites generally operate somewhere between being a resource hub for its members and a marketing site for new members. Striking the right balance between those two can prove difficult.

When the Society of Gynecologic Oncology came to Orbit, they were in that predicament that so many membership organizations have with their websites. They had a lot of resource content that was relevant to their members, and wanted to ensure that those resources remained available to their members. They also wanted to highlight the benefits of being a member of SGO, and how the Society could help members (and potential members) grow their career.

Orbit helped to strike that balance perfectly through reorganizing the site to include a dedicated resource section for members with loads of content about the different diseases that make up gynecologic oncology.

As part of the project, we also brought SGO’s annual meeting site into their new site, driving traffic to the new site and making their new website into a tour de force of both professional resource content and membership expansion and growth.

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