We love it when collaboration happens.

We’re very lucky at Orbit to get to work with an incredible variety of clients. Sometimes, those collaborations lead to something beautiful that blows both us and the client away. 6sense was one of those projects.

6sense is an account engagement platform that helps vendors target the right buyer opportunities. Their software platform shows you where your customers are in the buyer journey, with the goal of being able to project predictable revenue growth.

As we got to know the product, we saw how much went into what the platform, and it was clear that we needed to remake the site structure, and its messaging, around how the software combines many points of information to deliver one result.

The design of the site is one we’ll be proud of for a long time to come. The collaboration here with the client was incredible – each and every graphic on the site was crafted by 6sense for the site, who worked closely with our designer to ensure that the images and design worked cohesively.

The result was breathtaking. With multiple comments from the client on how impressed they were by our team and the site, this project is one we will look back at fondly for years to come.

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