Here's Your Website. Have a Nice Day!

By Barrett Lombardo

What Makes a Good Web Partner?

Andy, my partner, wrote an article recently, “How Not to Buy a Website,” which describes a backwards process that many companies pursue in getting a new website.

The final point of the article stresses the benefits of considering the post-launch life of your new website, not just the short-term goal of building a new website. As Andy recommends, find a partner, not a vendor.

If you are simply buying a website –

  • A web vendor selection is based on short-term requirements like design, price, and timing. The goals are to maximize quality and minimize immediate costs.

If you are seeking a web partner –

  • A web partner selection decision is based on long-term requirements like client service, web marketing consulting, website support, technical maintenance, and website uptime. The goal is to maximize the benefits for the life of the website.

In other words, a decision based on long-term benefit will result in the appreciating value of that website. Short-term-based decisions could result in a stagnant website or require higher costs to enhance and improve that website.

Go Long with a Web Partner

A long-term view of your website will change your perspective from considering a website vendor to choosing a website partner. You will benefit more from the investment if you give equal or more importance to requirements related after the new website is live.

Things to keep in mind for the long haul:

  • Your website is never complete.
  • As your company evolves, your website content should too.
  • If you use your website effectively, the website content will change consistently.
  • The activities for maintaining a website are not the same as building it.
  • To know that your website is effective, you will need to learn how to measure results.
  • With proper activity, your website should appreciate in value.

A Web Partner Provides Hosting, Support, and Consulting

Good web companies provide expert web design, a proven web development process, web strategy, and project management to build your website.

Great web partners differentiate themselves from other web design companies by providing services and resources dedicated to supporting the business goals for the life of your website.

The following services and expertise are essential to help you achieve marketing goals and fill the capabilities gaps in your company after the website is launched:

  • Website hosting and help desk support
  • Service and Maintenance Teams for mission-critical websites
  • Consulting and continuing education for web content marketing, social media, SEO, and Google Analytics

A real web partner will stick with you for the long haul by helping with hosting, website and server support, and results-based consulting.

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