Theater Website Design

Like many arts institutions, theater websites are often behind the curve.

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Theater websites have specific goals and specific needs

They are usually older designs, not mobile-friendly, and difficult to update. Let’s discuss theater website design…

Theater websites need to be kept current, with easily updated calendars of shows. And theater websites should be mobile. Patrons are on their phones, looking for showtimes, locations, and directions.

Patron’s expectations are high. But get it right and you’ll grow your audience, activate your donors, sell tickets, and reduce management time.

With Orbit’s expert web design & development, even the smallest theaters can have a bigger presence.


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Recent theater projects

The upcoming events calendar

The calendar of shows is the center of the site. It needs to be detailed, easy to use, and flexible enough to support any event. A great online theater calendar includes the following:

  • Provides show summaries as overlays directly on the calendar
  • Filters by shows, donor events, classes, or any other event type
  • Is optimized for mobile visitors through responsive web development

Patrons who are ready can purchase tickets through a ‘buy ticket’ link. Or they may want to see the show details.

Show details

Here is where the visitor gets excited about the experience and decides to go to the show. To build that interest, give as much information as possible. Here’s what it takes to give each production a great home online.

  • Visual impact with a large central image that sets the tone. This is the cover of the playbill.
  • Image galleries and videos emulate the experience …and leave a little mystery.
  • Artists/actors, reviews, showtimes, and any other information is available to website visitors through tabs, making show pages into small show sections.

Although rich with information, the shows must be easy to manage. It should take no more time than absolutely necessary to add an upcoming production.

People are searching for production names, showtimes, and artists, so these pages should also be search friendly.

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Mobile-friendly, responsive web design

Theater goers are using their phones. 70% of arts patrons said they would use a mobile device to look up arts events.

These visitors are looking for more than show information. The survey shows patrons looking for directions, proximity of events, and parking information.

Any theater using email marketing or social media is driving mobile visitors. Responsive web design makes every page mobile-friendly, from the home page through the ticket purchase.

Desktop and Mobile Screenshot for Writers Theatre website

Ticket sales integration and Tessitura

Of the many ticketing systems, Tessitura is emerging as one of the most flexible and robust.

There are several options for integrating Tessitura into a theater website; the simplest is to link to the Tessitura online tools from the show pages. APIs for deeper integration are also available.

Regardless of the system, let visitors purchase online in a seamless experience. It should be easy and connect to the box office.

A social experience

Behind-the-scenes stories can turn attendees into fans. The website is home for these stories, adding personality, color, and life to the company. Interview the directors. Showcase the sponsors. Explain the history of each production. Here are the tools you’ll need:

  • WordPress blog: This is where the news articles and stories live.
  • Social Media integration: Let the fans share, like, and comment.
  • Newsletter sign-up: This gives the visitor a way to take action and the theater a way to stay connected. It should be simple, prominent, and close to the content.

Without these tools and this content, the site is simply a catalog of plays. With this content, the site is a hub for communication, even if the posts are short or infrequent.

Custom WordPress themes for theater websites

A custom WordPress theme provides an easy-to-update template for a theater’s website. Our well-designed WordPress CMS sites incorporate stunning visuals and a personalized content strategy to reflect any theater’s brand.

SEO improves visibility and attracts visitors, while responsive web development and design ensure a mobile-friendly experience. Incorporating these elements increases ticket sales, builds a strong connection with patrons, and raises awareness of your productions.

a man creating a theatre website on wordpress

Tailored, search-optimized content

Our SEO services help your theater website shine and make it easy for potential patrons to find you online. We optimize your site’s structure, content, and technical elements to improve your rankings and attract more qualified traffic. Our team will:

  • Research and target industry-specific keywords
  • Create compelling, SEO-friendly content
  • Optimize your site’s meta tags and descriptions
  • Build high-quality backlinks to your site

Unique website design features

Your theatre website design should be as captivating as the performances you put on stage. Our designers create visually stunning sites that engage visitors and showcase your unique brand, including:

  • A responsive layout that looks great on any device
  • High-quality images and videos that highlight your productions
  • Intuitive navigation that guides visitors through your site
  • Calls-to-action that encourage ticket purchases and subscriptions

With a beautifully designed WordPress site, you’ll create an unforgettable online experience that will leave your audience begging for an encore.

upcoming events on theatre website

Upcoming events filled with laughs & entertainment

A well-designed theater website showcases upcoming events, drawing in visitors looking for a good laugh. By featuring a variety of shows, from dramatic plays to stand-up & sketch comedy, the site becomes a hub for side-splitting entertainment in the community.

As your theater provides laughter and unforgettable experiences, attendees become lifelong patrons eagerly awaiting the next performance.

A website that captures the magic of upcoming events will increase traffic and turn website visitors into audience members. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and who doesn’t need their dose?

Break a leg

An engaged audience, a growing list of subscribers, more sharing in social networks, and more traffic to the site are all outcomes of great theater web design. Arts patrons’ expectations are increasing. Meet those expectations with a useful, engaging website. Contact Orbit to discuss your project!