Barge Lady Cruises

A pioneer in luxury and adventure deserves an adventurous and luxurious new website. One of the challenges facing The Barge Ladies was that people don’t generally associate “barges” with luxury, but they would if they knew what was being offered.

So we needed to design a site that would attract people looking for luxurious and beautiful vacations that are out of the ordinary and culinary delights, but might not be searching for barges.

So SEO was a huge component, but only half of it: we also had to demonstrate right away that the trips they organize are a highlight of your life, a life-long memory filled with beauty, food, friends and family. Large pictures and a dynamic search tool made sure of that.

Our navigation allows people to easily search for the barge cruise that is right for them without being frustrated, and we move easily toward contacting the Barge Ladies. And from there, the world awaits, flowing like a river.

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