A Restaurant Site Can Be a Feast for the Eyes…and Still Be User-Friendly

By Nick Haas

Any hungry person searching the web for a new place to eat can tell you that restaurant websites have their fair share of annoyances. Long flash intros, download-able PDF menus, lack of contact information and hours…it’s basically an obstacle course to find the information you need.

We know that restaurant websites can be accessible, user-friendly, and beautiful given the right functionality and design. When Straits Restaurant Group, a collection of trendy dining establishments with locations along the West Coast and Southern U.S., came to us in need of new website, we gladly jumped aboard to make it happen.

Here are the goals we set for this exciting project:

Goal 1: Design a site that people will want to use

Goal 2: Showcase Ambiance + Passion without compromise to user experience

Goal 3: Build an effective mobile site

Goal 4: Manage all sites, desktop and mobile through one CMS

Read the full restaurant web design case study >

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