13 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately

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It’s a website. You can put anything there. But should you?

People add all kinds of crazy stuff to their sites, often without a thought for strategy or consequences. It’s very common to see website content that distracts, confuses or worse.

In this webinar, we answer some tough questions:

  • What is the single biggest SEO mistake made on home pages?
  • Which features should never be added to sales pages?
  • What is the worst way to trigger action from visitors?
  • What are the most common (and easiest to fix) mistakes?

Andy has been part of the planning process for 1000+ websites and has access to 500+ Analytics accounts. This presentation comes from 24 years of hard-earned experience.

After this webinar, you’ll run (not walk) to your content management system and make some changes immediately. Your visitors (and your Analytics) will thank you for it…

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