Wine & Webinar: Human Connections: 10 Tips for Networking, Connections and Mastermind Groups

Enough AI already. Let’s end the year on a personal note: building connections with the real humans all around us. Online and off-line, in big communities and little groups, let’s talk about the ways to better connect. This end-of-year session will cover:

  • A quick check of our personal brands online
  • Turbo tips for describing yourself
  • The little things that make a big difference in perceptions of ourselves
  • How to form little groups that accelerate your learning

Yes, that last point is about mastermind groups, the secret weapon for high-performance professionals. We’ll share our best tips from 10 years of experience creating and running mastermind groups.

Every attendee will leave with new skills, insights and connections. That’s right, we’re going to end the session with a tiny bit of networking. New friends await! ❤️

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If you can’t make it live, register and we’ll send you the recording after. 

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