Wine & Webinar: SEO in the AI Era: Trust, Quality and Content Discovery

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

5pm CT

Wine & Webinar

We’ve entered a new era in digital. Search and AI are colliding in more ways than one. And they all have major implications for marketers.

  1. SEOs now use AI to optimize content.
  2. Google now uses AI to generate answers.
  3. Users are skipping search completely. They now use AI to get answers.

So AI has changed everything …or maybe not. Our audience hasn’t changed. Their information needs haven’t changed. Their perception of quality hasn’t changed.

In reality, the most important things haven’t changed at all.

In this session, you’ll learn the impact of AI. And you’ll learn ways that AI can make us better at the classic challenges: getting discovered, connecting through content and staying top of mind with the people who matter most.

We’ll use timely tools to rebuild timeless foundations.
We’ll do better basics, but with the most advanced techniques.

Andy will share a set of frameworks, prompts and techniques for better digital basics, using the latest tools of today. And in the end, Andy will consider – in a brief glimpse – what might be the biggest change of all, and how to expand your footprint in the new digital landscape.

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