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In real estate website design, your website needs the highest possible curb appeal.

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In real estate, appearances count

If a property looks bad, potential occupants will drive on by. It’s the same thing for your website: if it isn’t attractive and user-friendly, your visitors from every field will click somewhere else.

Building a successful web property can drive tangible value. Orbit’s well-designed realty websites serves potential tenants, business partners, and even investors. We work with you to create a tool for doing business, and in the end, nurture relationships.

Showcasing your properties

The heart of any realty website is the properties you are showing. Your site should have easy functionality that allows prospective and current clients to easily search based on location, price range, and other amenities including schools, transportation, shopping, and walkability.

These properties should be complemented by the overall aesthetic of your site. It should mimic your properties, comfortable, high-end, warm and welcoming. You want people to feel like they have pulled into their new home.

With vibrant pictures and easy navigability, a well-designed realty website is a perfect representation of your business.

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15% is the average increase in conversion rate for websites designed by Orbit.

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Integrated information to showcase your expertise

When building realty websites, we know that integrating relevant information about the property is extremely important. We also know that customers are looking to see successful stories, which is why every site needs easy access to:

  • Mapping features
  • Case studies
  • Custom forms
  • Blogs
  • Carousels
  • More

All of this is also important to demonstrate expertise to prospective investors and partners.

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Showcasing your people

Real estate is among the most personality-driven business. A client develops a relationship with their realtor, and the success of the venture depends as much on that relationship as it does on the quality of the property.

To highlight that, we feature prominent bio pages and detailed biographies, allowing potential clients and partners to know your team before doing business with them. Your people make up your real estate business. We’ll put them front and center.

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We’re focused on creating exceptional work for clients

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Get a website designed with empathy and strategy

Know your visitors. Know what drives them to action. Understand how to solve problems. We’ll build a website that gives them everything they need.