Wine & Webinar – Conquering the Blank Page: How To Turn Pain Points into Conversion Copy

July 14, 2020 from 5:00-6:00pm CT

The blank page. There is almost nothing scarier to a copywriter. And whether you’re writing for a client or for your own team, you have to fill that page with SEO-driven and conversion-oriented copy. You have to drive people to action. You have to channel your company persona, and you have to answer visitor questions.

Luckily, there are ways to conquer the blank page.

In this Wine and Webinar, we’ll show you how to ask the questions that help you generate content. We’ll figure out the best ways to organize it. And we’ll show you how you can do the writing.

  • Translating pain points into problem-solving
  • Being empathetic without being corny
  • Understanding your page-builder persona
  • Creating conversion flows
  • Do the dang writing

This (hopefully) interactive event will show you how to create a service, product, or marketing page. The document might be blank, but you have all the tools you need to turn it into something beautiful.

Can’t make it that day? No problem! Register and you will get the recording after the event.

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About the speaker: Brian O'Neill

About the speaker: Brian O'Neill

Brian O’Neill is the Senior Conversion Copywriter at Orbit Media, where he works with clients to create engaging, brand-forward, conversion-oriented copy. Beyond those buzzwords, he likes helping you talk about your organization in ways that matter to your visitors. You’ve got a story. Let’s tell it. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.