Wine & Webinar: The Strongest Incentive – Using Curiosity to Boost Email Revenue

Curiosity doesn’t just kill the cat. The way a lot of marketers have learned to use curiosity in emails is killing their conversions, too.

Direct response copywriter Donnie Bryant is going to reveal the right way to build curiosity into your email marketing.

Based on psychological studies and split-test results of millions of emails sent, he’s discovered a 3-part curiosity formula that makes subscribers open, click, buy… and stick around for more. (A recent test created a 56% increase in sales.)

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About the speaker: Donnie Bryant

About the speaker: Donnie Bryant

Marketing and copywriting are not simply jobs for me. They’re my calling. For that reason, I think about business differently than most of my peers. I approach my work in a way similar to the way a good doctor approaches an epidemic. It’s not about getting paid or achieving status: it’s about helping businesses get strong(er).

I want to help your business get well when it’s sick and gain increasing strength when it’s healthy.