Holiday Schedule

The holiday season is upon us once again and we would like to help you usher it in smoothly! Please let us know if you plan on running any specials, promotions, calls to action or holiday sales so we can proactively assist you in testing coupons or preparing for potential traffic increases on your server. Please note the following regarding Orbit’s holiday closures and holiday programming schedules.

A Holiday Code Freeze will be implemented at the end of business on December 15th lasting through January 1st.

During this time, no major changes will be made to live sites while we are not fully staffed. This means all existing major work will be completed before the 15th or after January 1st and no new major work will be undertaken during the Holiday Code Freeze.

During the holidays, in the event of an emergency (your website is down or your e-commerce is not functioning), we will respond as quickly as possible. Emergency notifications should be submitted through our support form or emailed to [email protected] for immediate attention. All non-emergency requests and inquiries will be addressed upon our return to the office.

Orbit wishes you a happy and safe holiday season!