Case Study

How Orbit Media Helped Plum Diamonds Grow Sales by 700% in Six Months With SEO


Increase in organic search engaged sessions


Increase in the top 3 ranking keywords


Increase in sales

Plum Diamonds

Plum crafts premium lab-grown diamond engagement rings and jewelry without compromising quality, beauty, or ethics.

Three diamond engagement rings with gold bands displayed in a velvet-lined box.

The Challenge

Getting in front of right-fit leads in search results

Couples looking for an ethical and sustainable way to seal the deal want the perfect diamond ring without the baggage that comes with mined diamonds. Plum’s lab-grown diamonds are the perfect fit for these customers: friendlier on the environment without sacrificing the ‘4Cs’: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

But before partnering with Orbit Media, right-fit leads had a hard time finding Plum in search results. It was an indexing problem—a series of on-site technical issues prevented Plum from ranking for their top keywords. Issues included:

  • Broken and duplicate links
  • Unoptimized keyword targets on category pages
  • UI that clashed with indexability
“Our pages were not organized in a search-friendly way. We had unaddressed technical issues that Orbit Media could solve,” says Co-founder Kristy Cullinane.

Kristy had worked with Orbit Media once before and was confident they were the perfect fit to help Plum solve its SEO issues and stay front of mind with potential buyers.

“Fine jewelry is a luxury product. Most people take months to commit to a purchase. So growing organic traffic and staying on top in search results is really important.”

The Solution

Audit uncovers technical issues

Orbit Media’s website optimization process always follows the same roadmap to success. After onboarding, the first stage is assessment. During this stage, Orbit helped Plum:

  • Audit the technical aspects inhibiting growth
  • Prioritize page-level ranking goals, core keywords and low-hanging fruit for early conversion experiments
  • Establish high-level priorities to optimize against over the next 12 months to drive sustainable results

During content architecture review, Orbit discovered why Google wasn’t rewarding Plum’s content properly. One of the biggest culprits: category pages. A lot of couples want specific diamond shapes, ring material and style—and that’s what they’ll search for. But Plum’s keywords weren’t optimized for those results.

“Orbit did a thorough dive into where we were, our position in the marketplace, and what was and wasn’t working. They did their due diligence.”

Customized growth solutions

Based on their findings, Orbit decided to prioritize technical SEO improvements, especially for home, category and product pages. Over six months, Orbit introduced technical improvements, including:

  • Restructuring Plum’s entire category page subfolder and fixing URL structures
  • Equipping each page with unique URLs and optimized metadata
  • Optimizing meta titles and descriptions site-wide

Incremental improvements had an almost immediate impact.

“Our top organic keywords immediately climbed the ranks and organic traffic grew as a result.”

Orbit also advised Plum to make organic search a bigger priority for future growth, and began planting the seeds for long-term success. This included deeper content strategy and bolstering pages sitewide with unique content that targets vital keyphrases.

“Orbit introduced content strategy. Now, there’s a big-picture plan underlying all the content we’re producing.”

Ongoing improvements

With every optimization, Orbit monitored the results and reported on key changes to traffic, lead gen and ranking. Then they used this knowledge to continue iterating and improving.

In addition to biweekly meetings with Kristy, Orbit’s team sits down with her every month to discuss their experiments and review the outcomes. This review includes comprehensive traffic, search, content performance and conversion metrics—all measured against Plum’s goals.

“Orbit is very collaborative and communication is great. From impromptu meetings, to work on special projects, to laying foundations for future growth—I can add it to the agenda and Orbit makes time for it.”

The Results

7X more sales in six months

Within six months of engaging Orbit, Plum Diamonds’ search visibility soared. The company now has more indexed pages, hundreds of ranking product pages, and a first-page presence for their most important keywords. In total, Orbit helped Plum increase their top three ranking keywords by 633%.

But that’s not all. Orbit’s proven data-driven web design advice and website optimization process continue to drive new results month-over-month. Conversions continue to climb and engaged sessions from organic search are now up 116%.

“Month after month, we see increases in search ranking, conversions and revenue growth supported by search.”

Plum already had an amazing, high-quality product. By fixing technical issues and improving on-site SEO, they now have a website to match. As a direct result of couples being able to more easily find the eco-friendly wedding rings of their dreams, Plum’s sales increased by 700% in just six months.

“Partnering with Orbit is like having a cookbook that gives you all the steps to a perfect SEO recipe. They’re really thorough. In six months, they improved our standing in search results by 633% for our top lead-gen keywords.”

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