Siobhan Climer

Conversion Copywriter
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Putting Words To Passion

Great websites tell a story, and compelling stories start with humans*. Siobhan’s endless fascination with people – their motivations, hopes, and desires – helps her design and create content in partnership with clients to find their voice and express a unique vision to the world. Over the last decade, Siobhan has helped build website brand identities for nonprofits, horticulturists, zoos and aquariums, educational institutions, technology companies, and various professional services organizations. She is a former classroom educator, grant and research proposal author, STEM program developer, restaurant server, in-house technical writer, and assistant botanist.

Siobhan’s first published story centered on a young girl swept away on a leaf-boat and cursed by witches to be the size of an ant, and her life has only become more interesting. In the decades since, she has studied alongside brilliant educators, scientists, and marine experts, lived in the Irish countryside on a sheep farm, and co-authored articles for leading websites on DNA privacy, the IT sector, education policy, and computational neuroscience. She lives in Skokie with her husband Jason and twin daughters, Ceilidh and Fionnuala.

*With the exception of Charles Dicken’s epic Great Expectations where an entire chapter is dedicated to curtains.

Fave Places

  • The Irish countryside and Howley Farm
  • A boat on the cold, open seas
  • Misty, enchanted landscapes
  • Covered porches on rainy days
  • Home – In the library or the kitchen


  • Fiddling, singing, and listening to music
  • Folklore and mythology
  • Hiking and camping
  • Marine science and ocean sustainability
  • Learning new things

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