Jonathan Thompson

Digital Strategist
Jonathan Thompson

Naturally curious, never afraid to ask questions, to learn, to charge into the unknown.

Jonathan doesn’t back down from a good challenge. Thank his Dad for this, who has always said, “think, there’s so little competition.” This mentality has led him into diverse areas like marketing, entrepreneurship, non-profit organizational and leadership development, and ultimately his favorite puzzle the interwebz.

As your Digital Strategist, Jonathan is committed to your website delivering the best results while delighting you and your audience.

In his down time Jonathan loves hanging with his family, travel, running, and soccer. He probably has a project going on at his house right now too.

Fave Places
  • Travel (Nature + Geography) = Topophilia
  • Providence Park
  • Anywhere I can run
  • My kids’ events
  • Adventures with my best friend
  • Home/woodworking projects
  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Coffee
  • Great stories and eclectic music

“If you aim for nothing you’ll hit it.”

– My Dad (by way of ZIg Ziglar)