NuCurrent. New Way to Wireless Power. 

NuCurrent is pioneering the way that businesses incorporate wireless power into their products. They’re making fast solutions to complicated challenges. After a recent rebrand, they needed a site that showcased their capabilities, potential and their expertise. They needed to show potential clients that they had the knowledge to solve their problems.

This site had to appeal to several different audiences: C-level executives who were looking for the solution-based marketing pitch and engineers who wanted to understand just how it worked. Both audiences wanted the same basic information, though: NuCurrent can get the job done. The site had to have a sleek design, easy navigation and powerful story-telling.

This was a collaborative process at every level, from layout to copy to design. We worked closely with our partners to craft a new message, helping to refine their branding and tell their story. NuCurrent is making a new world, and the site had to reflect what they can do for their clients. It’s a powerful website about the future of power.

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