Meatheads makes burgers, and needed a new site. We make sites, and love burgers. It worked out pretty well.

Meatheads is a burger chain with a philosophy: clean, simple food, well-prepared. So when designing their site, we kept that in mind. We used a clean, large design to echo their ethos, focusing on their food and the people who make it. They take pride in their work, and we wanted that to show.

The site offers simple navigation for people looking at a menu, and a restaurant finder helps them get there. Equally important in the navigation is what Meatheads does in the community. That is an important part of who they are, and so it was promoted front and center.

When you have a burger as good as Meatheads, you want a site to showcase it. Orbit designed a site to turn mouth-watering interest into action.

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