Center for Humans & Nature

Center for Humans & Nature

The Center for Humans & Nature is an organization of “engaged and curious thinkers” that write and share ideas about our relationship with nature and all its creatures.

Orbit launched the Center’s award-winning first website back in 2012; this new site is a total redesign and rebuild based on their goals of integrating beauty with accessibility. Our main focus was to further drive user engagement and to make the site’s thought-provoking content more accessible and user-friendly across all devices. Our mission was to get their ideas across to readers everywhere. 

Asking Big Questions & Providing Diverse Answers

Customized question and response pages focused on user engagement.

The Center partners with great minds to provide its visitors with a range of responses to each of its questions. We focused our redesign efforts on making sure these crucial, information-dense pages were extremely user-friendly and super easy to share with your peers.

Giving Visitors a Voice by Allowing Them to Write Responses Too

“What does it mean to be human?” What do you think?

Anyone who visits the site now has the ability to answer a question via a “reader response.” These responses have full detail pages and live alongside the Center curated contributor responses. They can be shared, commented on, and most importantly, they empower visitors to push the conversation.

The Center has full moderation power over all submitted responses.

Optimized for Article Reading on Any Size Device

Beyond posing questions, The Center also publishes and amazing triannual journal and City Creatures Blog.

In other words, much of their site is made up of long-form reads which, prior to the redesign, were not very user-friendly to non-desktop users. The new site has four responsive break-points which we use to optimize every page (and feature) based on the size of the device you’re using.

It’s couch, commute, and desk friendly!

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