Wine & Webinar: Google Analytics Fundamentals: How to Measure What Matters Most and Be a Data-Driven Marketer

Start at 5:30 to get straight to the presentation.

What are your visitors doing? What aren’t they doing? Where are they coming from? Which marketing activities are making a difference? 

If you have Analytics, you have insights waiting to be discovered. This is the session where Andy Crestodina shows you step-by-step how to set things up, find insights and take action. Be prepared to level-up your digital marketing expertise.

  • Proper setup of Google Analytics

  • Introduction to the most useful reports in your Analytics

  • Learn which reports answer which questions and support which decisions

  • How to make sure you get the right information out of your Analytics quickly and efficiently

It only takes a few minutes to fix big setup issues and find the nuggets of truth that will make you a better marketer. This presentation is geared toward beginners who are new (or new-ish) to Google Analytics.


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