How companies can attract visitors and convert them into leads with mousetraps and cheese

June 27, 2019 from 8:30-11:30 AM TechNexus, 20 North Upper Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL, USA Get DirectionsGet Directions

Learn to be a “dual threat marketer” by combining search and psychology, SEO with conversion optimization, cheese and mousetraps. There’s more than one way to generate demand for services. This is one of the best.

We’re going to breakdown the main factors in terms you haven’t heard before. It begins and ends with content. After planning 1000+ websites over the last 18 years, Andy is going to show the process for compelling your visitors to take action.

We’ll cover:

  • Why most websites fail today, according to 12 years of research
  • How and where to use the two kinds of evidence
  • What’s the one aspect of a call-to-action that makes the biggest difference

We’ll reveal secrets of the brain, behavior and marketing on the web. If there are humans in your target audience, this presentation is for you. You’ll leave with new insights into visitor psychology and new ideas on which changes will make the biggest impact.


We’ll be doing live website critiques at the end. If you’re open to it, suggest your own site. Andy will provide practical feedback in real time for anyone who volunteers. Be prepared to look at websites differently forever after…

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