Top Trends for 2011

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Amanda Gant

Everyone is making their predictions about what they think is going to be big in the new year. I guess it’s an unwritten rule somewhere and who am I to break this tradition? Here are our top predictions for the new year. By all means, chime in and let us know what you think.

1. Mobile Marketing

2011 will be the year when the majority of phones are smart phones. From this point on, most phones in the US will have access to the web… and advertisers will have access to most people through their phones. Considering that mobile phones outnumber television sets and computers (including desktops and laptops) by more than 3 to 1, there is a huge market that is mostly untapped. I think we’ll see a huge push in mobile advertising and more companies considering mobile web design to support their marketing initiatives.

2. Local Search

We’ve all heard about the importance of “user generated content” but now we can be much more specific: reviews submitted by customers will affect your search engine rankings.  Starting this year, companies will rise and fall (literally), based on their local listing.

3. Video

When selling a product or service online, video production will become an even more important tool in convincing visitors to take action. Video increases conversions rates on ecommerce websites and is a great way to build a rapport with your customers.

  • Look for video on ecommerce sites alongside product photos.
  • Look for video on more home pages.
  • Look for video on landing pages, in email marketing, and pretty much everywhere else.

By 2012, you’ll be expecting it.  You’ll be disappointed when a site doesn’t have video.

4. Social Media

There are roughly 700 million users between Twitter, Facebook (which just surpassed Google as the #1 most visited website), and LinkedIn alone. The web will continue to become more social and shared content will become a more important source of traffic. Social platforms will integrate more with each other. As consumers, we’ll get a little tired of the “like” button.  As marketers, we’ll love it.

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Comments (2)
  • Amanda,
    Do you see the mobile ad market serving up impressions more via ads built into applications, or through a web browser?

  • Very interesting. Your opinion has been proven, you were right! Compliments, Karel Koes Hiranjgarbh Missier Paragh

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