A Responsive History

When you've been around since 1894, you've got quite a bit to share.

Our Vienna Beef team designer and developer collaborated very closely to come up with a custom solution that allowed VB to showcase their rich and beautiful history in a large scale visual timeline. With pictures as amazing as the small sample you see here, it was clear right away we needed to give them a space that would really let them shine.

The tight teamwork between departments allowed Orbit to create a super customizable solution that looks great on both desktop and mobile.

Mobile-Optimized Shopping

It's never been so easy to buy a Chicago Style Hot Dog Kit on your phone.

Over the course of the Vienna Beef project, Orbit completely overhauled our already super successful e-commerce package to be responsive and extremely optimized for shopping on mobile.

The result is a seamless shopping experience between desktop and mobile environments that leaves customers focusing on products and not tasks.

HUNGRY? We've got you covered!

The store locator can find your nearest store, stand, or retail location!

You can even filter for Hall of Fame and Hot Dog University-certified locations.


  • Website traffic has increased by 53%
  • Mobile website traffic has increased by 180%
  • Shopping cart abandonment rate is down to 36% (average is 65% - 70%) 

2013 Silver, W3 Award Winner

Receiving over 4,000 entries, The W3 Awards honors outstanding Websites, Web Marketing, Web Video, & Mobile Apps created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide.

"If you want to offer a Chicago classic, start with quality ingredients. Assemble the parts in the correct order. Pay attention to presentation. And never leave anything out. This applies to the perfect hot dog as well as the perfect website. Thanks Orbit. You're delicious."
Tom Pierce, Director of Marketing, Vienna Beef LTD

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