Video-Enhanced Product Pages 

Using video demos on product pages has been found to increase sales between 20% and 30%.

No doubt, the people at Revolution Dancewear care about customer satisfaction and absolute excellence in product quality. Not only can a dance instructor purchase multiple items, sizes, and colors for multiple students in one quick action, they can also see each product's intricate detail with multiple images, zoom, and demo videos. Literally every product on their website has a video to show how it would look in a real life situation, and that is enough to annihalate the competition.

Unique & Custom Photography

Each season that the Revolution Dancewear catalog goes to print, we realign custom photography for the website.

Revolution Dancewear provided us with spectacular imagery and video content to work with, so when you click through the site, you'll notice what a big difference it makes. The site feels custom and high-end, just like you would expect from a well-known brand.


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